If staff truly are the biggest assets of a firm then your recruitment strategy may well be the root cause of a number of issues or the key to your success.

It is imperative that staff are chosen who possess the right skills, experience and exposure, but also very importantly who will fit in with your company’s desired culture, values and existing team members. Company’s without a rigorous process to identify top talent can often be left behind or attract and hire the wrong talent. Anyone who has been in that situation could agree that these mistakes can be extremely costly, both from a pure monetary perspective, but also with regards time and disruption caused to a business through the wrong hire. These can often include:

  • Exiting the individual who was incorrectly hired
  • Starting  the recruitment process again
  • Agency or advertising costs re-occurred
  • Induction and training needs to be done again
  • The team and business continue struggling without optimum resources to achieve their objectives.

Right first time is definitely something you want applying to your recruitment and the chances of successfully applying this can be increased just by using sound techniques and ensuring the right questions are asked early on.

Benchability has extensive recruitment experience and are able to offer two products to assist you with your recruitment needs.

(1)     For those firms who either don’t have a dedicated HR department or those who do but don’t have the resources to allocate to a recruitment. The service offers clients a dedicated consultant to work on the recruitment/s as if they were a team member of the clients HR team, working directly with the client to devise the recruitment strategy, process, selection matrices, interview questionnaires, case studies etc. This service is typically reserved for retainer clients and those with large recruitment projects who don’t wish to pay an agency or headhunter potentially large recruitment costs. We are open to offering this service to new clients.

(2)     Traditional recruiter service where a client has a clear requirement for a role and would like Benchability to put forward a proposal and give an upfront price, based off of a percentage of salary. With the Job Description and Candidate profile Benchability begins searching for appropriate candidates within its existing network as well as specifically targeting firms and candidates where it believes there would be suitable candidates for the position.

Whichever option may be decided on, the result would still be a personal and exceptional service delivered by a professional consultant.

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